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You're a dumb ass bitch :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 21 7 Sugilite Mist -ref. sheet- :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 39 25 dean! Amethyst :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 52 12 Then I'll raise you like a phoenix :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 49 33 Say fuck it before we kick the bucket :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 34 20 Amethyst Stroke -Ref. Sheet- :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 25 10 design trade :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 26 8 Rebellious Ocean (zodiacsona) -ref sheet- :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 45 26 a wild gift appeared :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 44 19 Are you fuckin' kidding me :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 68 36
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o look kids a gift :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 24 6
art trade ahoy :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 18 14 It's over, isn't it? :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 112 54 Radiant Diamond -ref sheet- :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 64 66 Platinum Heart and Pink Gold -Ref Sheet- :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 63 37 Bitch you fucked up :icondem0nicvibes:Dem0nicVibes 19 0
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KIngBases/Dem0nicVibes (me) as Snow Tha Product / Eminem
kyla-nii as Nicki Minaj / Tyler Joseph
suffering-jpeg as Iggy Azalea / Drake

fuck with the squad, get fucked up

Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy
Aria Blaze trotting by Botchan-MLP Equestria Girls - Aria Blaze walking by Botchan-MLP
A.B. by Baid-woo

Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy
Equestria Girls - Demon Sunset Shimmer flying by Botchan-MLP
MLP EQG- Demon Sunset Shimmer by HoneyCane

Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy
Equestria Girls - Principal Cinch idle (left) by Botchan-MLP Equestria Girls - Principal Cinch walking by Botchan-MLP

Principal Abacus Cinch by xWreathOfRoses
Yiss by Xx-Romantique
Principal Cinch by Koveliana


Dem0nicVibes has started a donation pool!
542 / 1,000
Rainbow Dash Page Doll by Zoiby
[Rainbow Dash Pixel] by LiticaHarmony
Rainbow Dash Pixel by Xishka

Also, yes, I swear a lot, if you don't like it, then get out

DON'T THANK ME FOR FAV., LLAMA OR WATCH. You're welcome (Imma hide your comment if you do)
I also hide spam, icon spam and chain mail

I DONT TAKE REQUESTS. Any comments related to that will be hidden. Art trades are for friends only with some exceptions

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:bulletorange:Best ships/my OTPs: DashJack (Rainbow Dash x Applejack), GildaDash (Gilda x Rainbow Dash), DoubleDash (Double Diamond x Rainbow Dash) , ShiningLight (Shining Armor x Twilight Sparkle), ShiningSentry (Shining Armor x Flash Sentry), SvenBlood (Svengallop x Prince Blueblood), ShiningRara (Shining Armor x Countess Coloratura), ShiningBlood (Shining Armor x Prince Blueblood), ShiningDiamond (Shining Armor x Double Diamond), TirekSombra (Tirek x King Sombra), ThunderDash (Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash), SoarBurn (Soarin x Braeburn), ShiningSoarin (Shining Armor x Soarin), Adaria (Adagio Dazzle x Aria Blaze) , Adagiomer (Adagio Dazzle x Sunset Shimmer), ShiningDash (Shining Armor x Rainbow Dash), Tiashimmer (Princess Celestia x Sunset Shimmer), DashScratch (Rainbow Dash x Vinyl Scratch), Sombraria (King Sombra x Aria Blaze), RariDash (Rarity x Rainbow Dash), Sunlight (Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle), RariJack (Rarity x Applejack)

:bulletred:Worst ships/my NOTPs: FlutterDash (Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash), ShiningDance (Shining Armor x Princess Cadence), SoarinDash (Soarin' x Rainbow Dash), DoubleGlider (Double Diamond x Night Glider), SonaAria (Sonata Dusk x Aria Blaze), FlutterSombra (Fluttershy x King Sombra), FlutterCord (Fluttershy x Discord), DisLestia (Discord x Princess Celestia), FlashLight (Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle)

*sorted by how much I ship it/hate it. From the most to lowest (or at least trying to)
*rabid shippers and the liking will be hidden

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Idols, inspirations, people I look up to, senpais

:iconxx-chanour: :iconfrencinempercy: :iconowlliesponies: :iconmaydeedraws: :iconangelicvoids: :iconspiritualpresence: :iconsaramanda101: :iconk-ings: :iconsarahostervig: :icontoxijen: :iconsilent-galaxies: :iconsaity-qays: :icontech-kitten::iconangeibun: :iconhellabae: :icons-hadytrashh: :iconx-vanillacoke-x: :iconcobaltthefox: :iconwingsthephoenix: :iconipandacakes: :iconstripedegg: :iconniightlydark: :iconviruspetals: :iconshiiazu: :iconm-iinholy: :iconlexipika: :iconf-ioweress: :iconz-eette: :iconleviostars: :iconbananenbuzz: :icontakumikoma: :iconmojavedovahkiin: :iconturtle-raptor: :iconnummypixels: :iconunknown-artist99: :icongreaserbeast: :iconpositive-viibes: :iconglovannas: :iconanakiin-s: :iconkyla-nii: :iconghoulr: :iconijesswolf: :iconaestheticpng: :icont-e-r-r-i-f-i-e-d: :iconcal-vain: :iconsuffering-jpeg: :iconviist: :icongemoholic: :iconpoppliio: :iconnight--mime: :iconsinamuna: :iconsinystergates:

*in no order
*dont get mad/sad or whine if youre not here

Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - Rainbow Dash by jamescorck
Flying Rainbow Dash Icon by SuperFanaticGirl Pixel Dash by DraconemIgnis free to use rainbow dash icon by AquaGalaxy MLP-icon: Rainbow dash by cinyu Rainbow Dash FREE icon by TH0RSDAY
Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho MLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 3 by Kevfin Rainbow Dash Stamp by Mel-Rosey Element of Loyalty Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Rainbow Dash stamp by Janbearpig Rainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlz
Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy
Pegasister Stamp by SunnStamp Monster High Stamp by Starrphyre .music love. by icedtay Awkward by Fyi-Sus Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 What is an Artist? by Neikoish Music Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 I love Music Stamp by ViciousBlue Friends stamp by Meddle689 Online friends stamp by Suyy My friend stamp by Transitus Music is my lifeline by pjuk I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk Atheist Stamp by StampMeisters OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan my gender does not need your approval to be valid by lgbtqia-stamps Look at my middle finger by JustYoungHeroes Incest Stamp by happybg Incest Stamp by Tivari Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Dogs. by Monster-Boar I'm a dog lover by pjuk Stamp: I support Ponification by ToonAlexSora007 BAW!!11111 I H8 U!11111 by glovannas Stamp_Trashy trashy by Chivi-chivikStampity Love Glowy Things by A-Sent-Miracle FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai I Love Rainbows. by PhysicalMagic I Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrow Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Lovin' My Sins by NummyPixels uwu stamp by tamrieI Pepsi Addict by Amiliha Converse by bendyandbroken Let there be peace by WoolNoon Can't Believe I Gotta Say This by NummyPixels STAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwang
Heart Border [Blue/Black] by RevPixy

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Vanilladucky Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Student
Quick question; Who is your top three favorite ponies out of all the MLP fandom or cannon characters? 
Dem0nicVibes Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i cant decide on the fandom ones, i like plenty of ocs
as for canon ones i like plenty of charas but imma go w rainbow dash, shining armor and celestia c:
hope this answered your question! uvu
Vanilladucky Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Student
UvU It sure did! I'm happy I know your favorite characters now. 
Dem0nicVibes Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i also have some listed on my base acc, but im glad it helped!
PrincessCadenceRocks Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there, Do you use a tablet for your art, if so which one?
Dem0nicVibes Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
my dolls/base edits are mainly done w a mouse, but i use a tablet for my drawings!! i use a trust slimline widescreen bc too poor for a wacom lmao, but it gets the job done. You can look up different brands if wacom is too expensive
PrincessCadenceRocks Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! A mouse really? You are so talented. I can't draw/doll anything with a mouse lol. :D
Dem0nicVibes Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
awww thank you ;v;
and yeah, thus far all my dolls been done 100% w a mouse, I might try to implement my tablet for the shaded ones but yeah
RatQween Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Artist
ily so much!
Dem0nicVibes Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aaa same, in a platonic way ;v;
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